Day 7 - Mysterium Park

Mysterium is a firm family favourite and it has also seen a few outings as a Game Night game with the boys and I’ve had some great success with this one even with non-gamer relations. Mysterium is an easy teach (as long as I’m the Ghost) because you can compare it to Cluedo. The new player instantly knows they are looking to solve a murder by finding a person, a location and a weapon. All that remains to teach is how that information will be transmitted.

Mysterium uses beautifully decorated cards which the ghost player, who is essentially the game's moderator or game master, hands out to the players as dreams, hopefully guiding them to select the correct suspects, locations and weapons. Each dream card will feature multiple elements that the players can interpret to point them to the correct suspects. For example a collection of flowers might point to the gardener, while tools might point to the groundskeeper.

However the ghost is limited to what cards they have in their hand, so they might not have a card with flowers on so instead they might resort to shapes or colours and so the clues can be vague and difficult to interpret. Even clues that are seemingly obvious to the Ghost Player may actually cause more confusion when they hand them to the players.

Vision Cards

Mysterium follows the standard Cluedo formula, the murder takes place in an old mansion with the usual suspects you might expect. My