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Day 8 - Zombicide (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Gone are the years when New Years meant wild parties and drinking til the sun came up. Now we’re in our mid thirties we’d much rather see in the new year killing zombies with chainsaws than killing brain cells with tequila.

That’s right we’ve been playing #Zombicide. The game really began on Saturday when Dave and I sat down for 5 hours to paint all of the zombies. Dave has owned the game for a while but said he struggled to find the time to paint, so I offered to help and we bashed 60+ minis out over the course of an evening ready for gaming on Tuesday.

We managed two scenarios. The first was simple enough, cross the map and escape. Or it would have been had the Abomination (an unkillable uberzombie) not appeared right in our path. We hunkered down in the building and waited for the beast to pass by before taking a fire axe to the door and escaping. There was a hairy moment when it looked like our police pal Phil might not make it out but with a little help from his friends he escaped certain death.

Our second scenario did not go so smoothly. The map has four spawn points all at the south end of town. The objective is to grab five objective tokens, one in each building. Three are at the north end of town, while two are at the southern end, meaning you have to run towards the spawn points. We determined, if we left these til last we simply wouldn’t have the firepower to make it through so we grabbed some gear and made our way southwards.

With 3 objectives in hand we started back northward, heading for the last two. However we were now at the orange danger level and we were running out of zombies to spawn. Should a card spawn a type of zombie and there aren’t enough left, all zombies of that type would take another action. We drew a card which spawned all eight fatties on to the sewer grids, we were surrounded. Not only that but we were running out of walker and runners.

Things were bad. We blasted as many zombies as we could and popped the door on the final building. It was bursting with zombies. Ned, Wanda and Phil unloaded their weapons through the door to make room for the chainsaw wielding goth girl Amy to come in and eliminate the fatties and using her free moves grab the final objective. It was a hard fought victory, filled with plenty of laughs and tense moments as we flipped the spawn cards, breathing a sigh of relief each time we survived...

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