Day 9 - Chronicles of Crime (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Murder is a foot on the streets of London and the local bill needs your help to square away the crime. Chronicles of Crime is a detective board game set in London with many iconic locations represented on the components. However, the included campaign does take a rather tourist-y view of Britain. You interact with MI5 and even encounter the british royalty, it would be like us writing a game set in the USA where Trump invites a beat cop to lunch at the Whitehouse. Still, poetic license aside Chronicles of Crime has a fairly unique central mechanism that uses an app. I know some board game purists are against apps in games, but I’m not one of them and I’m happy with the integration of this one. All the cards in Chronicles of Crime feature a QR code. The app can read these codes and allow them to interact.

Scanning a location code move you to that location, while scanning a person’s code allows you to talk to them about other people, items or clues you have discovered. The app take the place of a gamemaster, telling you how the various people react and their reactions can change based on the information you have gathered. The app also allows you to examine the crime scenes in a fully three dimensional way. The app shows you the scene and you must move around and look for clues. This is a really cool feature which is a little under utilised in the game in my opinion. The main components of the game are vaguely generic, although gorgeously illustrated, allowing the designers to reuse them in different scenarios meaning you can download new content without having to buy physical expansions. This is where the game hits a litt