Don't Mess With Cthulhu

Updated: Jun 14

Arkham, 1929, you pull up your weather worn macintosh around your ears, hoping to shelter your neck from the worst of the elements. This graveyard was once the site of a terrible and ancient ritual, to awaken the elder god Cthulhu and bring forth a reign of destruction and terror. You shiver inwardly at the thought. You must discover the elder signs that will seal away the ancient demon before the cultists complete their dastardly plan, if only you knew who was really on your side…


Arkham, 1929, your robes rasp gently as they drag along the stone flagged floor of the long forgotten tomb. The strange alien language that pours from your lips leaves a gentle tingle in your mouth and the bright green flame from your burning brand warms your face. Your fellow cultists chant around you, forming a circle between the standing stones, beckoning forth Cthulhu from his long dormant slumber. But can you complete your ritual before you are discovered…

Don’t Mess With Cthulhu is a simple social deduction game based on an older title called Time Bomb, with the slightly more palatable theme of cultists summoning an elder god as opposed to terrorists setting off a bomb. At its heart though Don’t Mess With Cthulhu is simply a guessing game, the theme is irrelevant.

Don't Mess With Cthulhu, Indie Boards & Cards

How to Play

Players are dealt a secret role, Cultist or Investigator. The Cultists win by finding Cthulhu. The Investigators win by finding all of the Elder Signs. A number of cards are shuffled based on the number of players, consisting of Cthulhu, Elder Signs equal to the number of players and a bunch of Futile Investigation cards. These are then dealt evenly amongst the players. Players look at their cards and in turn order declare what cards they are holding, they do not need to tell the truth however.

Players then shuffle their hand and lay it out face down in fr