Game Night Reviews - Stone Age

The year is 2000 BC and Ug, Og and Thod are all out in the thick lush forests of Pangea gathering wood to build their primitive dwellings. Despite the many dangers of the wild, their secluded village is a cavedwellers paradise. Thog the wise has invented irrigation and begun to teach the other stone folk the art of farming, while Uft has refined his idea of hitting things with sharp axes to include new ways of gathering natural materials and not just braining the neanderthal that took the last chicken drumstick. Meanwhile, Oracle Ola has read the stars and discovered the secrets of cloning new cavemen, fully grown and ready to work!

In Stone Age players place workers and take actions to develop their civilization and build up their tribe.

A Quick Overview

Stone Age is a worker placement game, this is a style of game where players have workers that they can place out on the board to take actions. The available action spaces in Stone Age are:

  • Field - Increase your food production

  • Tool Maker - Add a tool to your supply

  • Hut - Add a new worker for the next round

  • Hunting Grounds - Gather food

  • Resource Spaces - Gather wood, clay, stone or gold.

  • Civilization Spaces - Gain bonus cards