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Martian Basing

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Just a quick one this week, here's a look at how I created my recent bases for #ZombicideInvader.


I used the following paints and materials.

  • Formula P3 Battlefield Brown

  • Formula P3 Quick Silver

  • Citadel Contrast Basilicanum Grey

  • Citadel Martian Ironearth

  • Citadel Martian Ironcrust

  • Small brown rocks (GF9 probably)

  • Forgeworld Weathering Powder Dark Iron

  • Forgeworld Weathering Powder Aged Rust

  • Grey Stuff

  • Green Stuff World Textured Rolling Pins (double diamond/factory)

  • Green Stuff World Round Cutters


The method for the Xeno basing was very simple. I began with a layer of Battlefield Brown across the base.

I then left that to dry for around an hour. If you don't leave it to dry for long enough the next layer will pull back the brown to reveal the undercoat.

Next I applied a layer of Martian Ironearth across the whole base, varying the thickness and spreading it out until everything was covered. While this was still wet I sprinkled in some small rocks. The paint will hold most of these in place, meaning I don't need to add glue. I will probably varnish the minis at some point too which will also help stop the rocks falling off.

The final step, while the Ironearth is still wet is to splodge on patches of Ironcrust which adds texture and contours. I left it to dry overnight and then added some more Battlefield Brown to neaten up the lip of the base.

Once everything is dry the Ironearth and Ironcrust will have cracked to give this wonderful effect.

For the heroes I added a step. I began by preparing some deck plate. I did this using grey stuff, although I could have just as easily used green stuff. I used a textured rolling pin to add the deck plate texture before using a circular cutter of the corresponding base size to make disks from my texture.

This is the Factory texture

The reason for making the texture the same size as the bases was so that when I cut it up I could easily align any edge to the edge of the mini's base, giving the impression the floor simply continued off the base. Once dry I took a pair of scissors and cut up my disks and then picked a few parts to glue to the bases.

I then painted the base with Battlefield Brown and the deckplate with Quick Silver. After that I followed the same steps as above.

The deck plate was then washed with Basilicanum Grey and allowed to dry. Then I hit it with Dark Iron powder to soften the shadows, followed by a touch of aged rust.

And that's it... Martian Basing all round.

Until next week, have fun gaming...

The Duke


The Duke posted his first blog post on the 28th February 2009, back then the blog was called The Keep of the Red Duke.

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2 comentarios

Chris Bowler
Chris Bowler
21 dic 2019

Glad you like them Ian, I think they turned out rather well.

Me gusta

ian B
ian B
21 dic 2019

Love this Martian basing Chris and I am going to do it on my Invader minis. I have the green stuff and various rollers, but I never considered cutting up the gs and using bits on a regular base. I have a bunch of imperfect gs bases ready to go. Cheers, Ian

Me gusta
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