Marvel Champions - Ant-Man

My first encounter with Ant-Man was in the Ultimates version of the Avengers, where he is rather an abusive asshat, so I was surprised when Marvel took the character down the improv comedy route in the MCU. This version of Ant-Man is the semi reformed criminal Scott Lang and he’s all about chaining and comboing abilities as you change size to take down the bad guys. Today we’ll be taking a look at his base Leadership build, let’s see how he plays.

Scott Lang/Ant-Man Tiny/Ant-Man Giant

Ant-Man is the first hero with a “Three Sided” hero card. What that means is that the standard sized card features Ant-Man’s alter ego and tiny forms, but the card can also be opened out to create the giant version of Ant-Man.

As Scott Lang you have a hand size of 6 and a recover of 3 alongside a very robust 12 health. As well as that you can heal 1 damage each time you switch to Scott. However, as several of Ant-Man’s cards allow you to heal when you change to Giant form and the deck features no “Alter Ego” only cards, you really don’t spend much time as Scott.

When you change to Tiny form you can clear a threat from a scheme, your hand size drops to 5 and your stats are slightly less than average at 2 Thwart, 1 Attack, 2 Defence. However a lot of Ant-Man’s signature cards call for him to be in Tiny form and that clear 1 threat is not to be sniffed at.