Marvel Champions - Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew, former agent of Hydra turned S.H.I.E.L.D spy was genetically altered with spider DNA to become the fearless Spider-Woman. Or so a cursor glance at her Wikipedia page tells me because Spider-Woman is the first Marvel Champions hero that I really have no connection to. Does her deck play like a double agent, super spy with spider powers… erm… no, but is it fun? Let’s find out.

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew is fairly typical in terms of humans in Marvel Champions, her recovery is 3, hand size of 6 and a slightly elevated hit points of 11. Her Alter Ego ability gives her a chance to look at the top card of any deck. Often I’ll use this on the villain deck to know how many boost icons I’ll be facing. She is also the second hero with the Spy trait meaning she can make use of several cards from the Black Widow expansion.

The more interesting part of her Alter Ego ability is her setup power. Jessica Drew must include 2 different aspects in her build with an equal number of cards from each. This makes her incredibly versatile, able to fill any hole in your current team or to act alone as a solo hero with tons of replayablity.

Spider-Woman herself has rather poultry stats, 1’s across the board, which is where her special ability comes into play. For every aspect card you play each of Spider-Woman’s stats increases by 1 and often you’ll be able to play at least 2, making Spider-Woman frequently a 3 attack, 3 thwart, 3 defence hero, the highest stats in the game!