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Packing Out Pulp City

In between big projects I like to take a break and chip away at some older projects, like Pulp City. The game itself is currently in a bit of a limbo state with no way to buy new models and an upcoming kickstarter for new rules/expansion content having been pushed off for most of 2020-2021. However I still like to dip back in now and then and complete some more teams and in this weeks update I'll be completing not one, not two but... well... it's sort of complicated... but kinda four teams, lets dive in.

We start with Otherside. The Otherside is a realm of chaos and madness, located on the other side of the Silver Mirror. Kitty Cheshire is currently the only member of the Otherside, although more are planned in the previously mentioned upcoming Kickstarter.

So, yes, technically I painted one mini but that does complete the Otherside team, so it counts! And if that counts, then the Star Marshals must also count because there's two of them!

This is Tritonus and Virgo the only two current members of the Star Marshals. However they are also Freelancers. While not technically being a team unto themselves the Freelancers are a group of heroes that will work for cash, fame or just to do the right (or possibly wrong) thing.

And here they are altogether. Not all of them were painted recently, but here are the ones that were:

But my favourite of the batch... The Yeti.

After I finished the Freelancers I went off and did other things but soon I came back to these hard bitten streets. You see I was fast approaching 365 minis for the year and that felt like a cool milestone. I was on 359, so I needed 5 more minis to bring the total to 364 and I just so happened to have 5 "vigilantes" left. Again, not an official team, more just a group of unaffiliated heroes but that will occasionally join forces under Deadeye's determined leadership.

I think I did some really great work here, in particular I love the bold colours on Sovereign the great british hero and the deep vibrant blues of Skyline. However I saved my best work for last with the groups Powerhouse, Rosie "Baby" Rude.

Rosie came together really well. The skin alone took 2 hours, but I think she looks fabulous. There's some really nice detailing on her denim (more pictures in the gallery) and I'm super happy with the freehand tattooing. And here's the whole group together.

As occasionally happens, without forward planning, the fates aligned. Rosie was my 364th mini of the year, but also my 149th Pulp City mini, so that could only mean my milestone mini had to be something really cool and Pulp City related. Well... how about this guy?

This is the Pulp City Monster Kit! And it's friggin' huge. As tall as a three storey building he literally dwarfs all the other heroes. But it is a kit... that comes with alternate head and hand options... So I broke out the magnets and now I have 4 different monsters to play with!

That's likely a wrap on Pulp City for the year, but I may still squeeze in some more before the end of 2021. Hopefully you've enjoyed this little jaunt through the back alleys of the city of supremes, until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


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