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Populating a Planet

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

After the Xenos made planet fall in #CoolMiniorNot's #ZombicideInvader, the Soldiers alone could not hold back the tide and as the infestation grew they relied more and more on the civilian population of the mining colony.

Today I'm going to be showing you how I'm progressing with the various Survivors and Xenos from Zombicide Invader. Let's kick things of with...

The Soldiers

In game Soldiers are tougher than civvies but at the cost of not being able search anywhere but in security rooms. The first soldier I painted was Jared, the true-bloodied American hero.

Zombicide Invader Jared
Jared faces the Xeno Horde

Pretty happy with how he turned out, especially the stars and stripes. Next up we have the Norwegian Magnus. Magnus is a hulking chap with additional health, easily the tankiest character in the core set.

Zombicide Invader Magnus
Magnus joins the fight

Reporting for action all the way from South Africa we have the final core set soldier, Baraka.

Zombicide Invader Baraka
Baraka has their backs...

Overall I'm happy with the soldiers, they turned out fine. Obviously they still need basing but more on that when we discuss...

The Civilians

The first civilian I painted was Cole. I was really looking forward to doing some bright colours after the repetitive white colour scheme from the soldiers.

Zombicide Invader Cole
Cornered by Xenos Cole holds his breath and bides his time...

Cole is probably my favourite paint job from the core set heroes. It's a simple one but it looks striking on the table. Next up I tackled Vivian.

Zombicide Invader Vivian
Vivian's got this covered

My first job was to cut off her arms so that I could paint behind her gun. This one came together really quickly. I did a lot of the basics using #citadelcontrastpaints adding just a little highlighting to the edges to provide definition.

Zombicide Invader Mitsuki
Things don't look too good for Mitsuki

And lastly we have Mitsuki. She is definitely closer to a soldier than most of the civilians, I suspect she's actually a military contractor. Her special skill is controlling the bots which makes her pretty deadly in game.

Martian Basing

As you can see here Mitsuki is also the first based hero and I'll doing a little tutorial on how I achieved this in a later blog post. All heroes need something to fight against and that is primarily what I've been paint these last two weeks,

The Xenos

Firstly I finished up the Worker Xenos... all 43 of them You can see a step by step guide on these in my last post.

Zombicide Invader Xeno Workers
Xeno Worker Horde

And I have started painting the hunters. So far I've done 9 with another batch to go next week...

Zombicide Invader Xeno Hunters
A pack of Xeno Hunters

As with the workers the aim was to spend around 20 minutes per mini so they're not going to win any competitions but they'll look good clustered together on the tabletop.


After painting so many minis with the same paint scheme I needed a break so I turned my attention to one of the models I really wanted to paint... The Buddy Bot.

Zombicide Invader Buddy Bot
The cake is a lie... oh wait... wrong franchise!

This rogue machine can be as much of a hinderance as a help. It acts like an abomination attacking the survivors but can also be controlled like a bot. I drew my inspiration for the paint scheme from Claptrap from Borderlands, which was obviously the inspiration behind the sculpt.

So, that's it from me for another week, until next time, have fun painting

The Duke


Despite his love for Sci Fi and Games Workshop The Duke has never played Space Hulk!

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