Weekend Warrior: If you're Appy and you know it

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Today in Weekend Warrior I want to talk about the emergence of technology in board games. This was raised in a comment a few weeks ago and I wanted to address it and give my thoughts on the matter.

The topic is of obsolescence. Does the use of apps in board games run the risk of the game being unplayable in years to come? Ultimately, the answer is yes, however let’s look at this a bit more closely.

The first board game I owned that did something close to what the app driven games of 2020 are attempting was a Star Trek board game with a VHS. Do we play it any more? No, because we no longer own a VHS player, but we did play it to death while we had it. This was a game that was made obsolete by the march of time and progress of technology, but also supplanted by newer game experiences.

In our current times technology is progressing faster than ever but there has been an important change to the kinds of technology being used in games, we have moved from analogue to digital.

For example, after the VHS games came DVD games. These are still playable today. DVD’s are backwards compatible with current optical media devices such as Bluray Players. They can also be loaded into a computer or a video games console. Even after optical drives are phased out it would be possible to use a periphery device or to load the “DVD” as a disk image on a computer.