Updated: Jun 13


Ok, so for the second Unboxed review I thought I’d go a bit old school. This is Games Workshop’s Dungeonquest, I don’t have the Swedish original (which is still available btw and is called Drakborgen: Legenden ("Dragon Castle: The Legend") and is produced by the Swedish game company Alga.) The story goes that a couple of Games Workshop employees discovered this game in Sweden and they loved it so much that they brought it back with them, word got around GW HQ and soon the bosses were begging for a licence to produce it in the UK.

I bought my copy from a charity shop for about £1.50 and it was complete except dice, which I had, and a couple of tokens, which I replaced with coins. It also came with the extra characters expansion, but without the figures. The game is still around on ebay, but you’ll be looking at a price tag of around £30. The Catacombs expansion is also on there at the moment, but that is so rare you’d be lucky to pick it up for less than £50. Needless to say I’ve never played that expansion.


In Dungeonquest you are one of four adventures (or sixteen in my games) each venturing into the ruins of Dragonfire Castle, in search of treasure. The winner is the player who makes it out alive with the most treasure. However staying alive in a game with a 85% death rate is not an easy task. For this reason I rarely get to play this game anymore. A lot of my friends are strategy geeks who hate the amount of pure luck in Dungeonquest, while my family hates losing. However I love the thrill of it, you never know in Dungeonquest when your number might be up. You can be literally loaded with treasure, mocking everyone else around the table with your wealth and then, “ooops!” you fall down a bottomless pit.

Game Play

You begin the game with one of four characters. Each has four statistics, Armour, Luck, Stamina and Agility. You also have a life point track, run out of life points and you die, simple.