Carcassonne: The River II

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Carcassonne The River II

Yes, this really is a review of what is, in effect, a starting tile, however the River and the River II, when combined do something really interesting.

The Point

The point of the Rivers is to replace the original starting tile in Carcassonne offering players more options from the start of the game as well as helping to spread them out.


So what do you get in this tiny little box?

  • 12 Tiles

  • Rules

Yup, twelve, very nicely made, tiles. There is a spring, which is identical to the one that comes with River I. I wish they had included the spring from the mini expansion instead though, not only for variety but because the road on that tile would help eliminate larger fields. Also included are two lakes. The first ends with a City which is useful for reducing the size of the fields, the second ends with a Volcano which is good for getting the Dragon into the game straight away.