Heading For New Shores

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

After a long voyage, the settlers have reached Catan and built their first settlements. Harbours are built and new, seaworthy ships are being developed. Daring Catanians sail across the ocean.

Before long, rumours appear that many smaller islands are out there at sea, not too far away—it is even said that gold has been found on some of them. Gold is highly appreciated in Catan. Ships are fitted out, and soon Catanian ships set sail to find the gold of the islands

Set Up

For this scenario you will need all the components from the base game, plus 15 ships for each player, 15 sea tiles, 2 Gold Fields, 2 mountains and 1 field, hill pasture and forest. You will also need one additional 2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11 number chit.

Heading For New Shores

The main island is assembled as in the base game of Catan, the additional hexes are then used to create four smaller islands separated from the mainland by 1 sea hex.

You will need both the Pirate Ship and Robber, plus 1 special victory point chit for each player in the game.