Weekend Warrior: I'm Melting

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Welcome to a new segment I’m calling Weekend Warrior. Most of my gaming takes place on Friday-Sunday as I spend my weekdays away from my regular group, so when I come home I try to cram in as much as possible. In this segment I’m going to try and give little mini-reviews, play sessions or just highlights of my weekend gaming.

A lot of the games I played over the weekend were new to me, so I’ll throw in some first impressions. I also played one prototype, which I won’t talk about in detail but it’s worth mentioning

Warhammer Diskwars

As occasionally happens in my gaming life I become obsessed by a game and it’s all I read about and can’t wait to get it to the table. Such a thing happened recently with Warhammer Diskwars. I, like many others, ignored this game on release thinking that the movement system sounded dumb. Diskwars is a simplified war game, which uses Disks as units, which move by flipping end over end. If you can land your disk on your opponents disks they are pinned and a fight will occur.

I recently found a copy of the game for less than half price and given that it was now OOP i figured it might be worth a punt, so I bought it. While I waited for it to arrive I began to read the reviews and shortly thereafter I sought out the two expansions and another copy of the core set to double up on Terrain and rare units. It’s fair to say I fell hard for this game.

So, I was already pretty deep in the hole by the time I actually got the game to the table. I had already played a couple of test games to get the mechanics locked in my head and it was time to play against an actual opponent. I lost the op