Weekend Warrior: Turtle Power

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

With the craziness that was the UK Games Expo behind us what did I get up to this weekend?

A Place In The Sun - Preview

So I managed to get A Place in the Sun to the table again this week (full review coming on Wednesday) in order to get the other two races in play. I do feel this game has a lot of depth to it.

Each race has a distinct style and flavour. The Rhea, a tree-like race spread themselves across the galaxy, they have strong orbital cards, giving them a good defence. They don’t have a lot of attacking power but that which they do have is potent, especially the Triffids, which go into the opponent's hand, if they have to play them they gain a small benefit, however the Rhea player can trigger the Flowers of Doom card to inflict 6 damage for each Triffid in play.

Meanwhile the Mothership Theta deck is an enormous spaceship. The deck features more orbital cards than any other faction but lacks the dial control and healing of the other factions. That said the deck features some awesome damage potential, although it is curbed by the need to pay power (health) to use it. By playing generators you can reduce the power costs for your weapons so getting them out early is vital.

As I said two weeks ago, this game has real potential, but there are definitely some clarity issues that need to be addressed. Having spoken to the designer a lot via email I am glad that he has finally decided to include the optional victory cards into the main rules. These cards offer an alternate victory route, you no longer just need to destroy each other and can instead collect influence to win. With these cards