LOTR LCG: The Hunt For Gollum

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Bilbo Baggins

Each Adventure pack contains a selection of new player cards, a new hero and a new quest so I will be begin by looking in detail at the new Hero and the new player cards.

New Hero

Bilbo is a great hero, yes his threat is pretty high for his fairly meagre stats but his ability is very helpful indeed. That extra card draw can be a very helpful thing, as it not only increases your chances of drawing the cards you need but it can also help power up abilities like the Protector of Lorien where the ability to discard cards can be crucial.

Player Cards

Lore Cards

Rivendell Minstrel is a pretty good quester with 2 will power, but like most high quest Allies she suffers from a lack of hit points. Her when revealed ability however can be very useful and will continue to get more useful as the game develops.

She allows you to search your deck for a song card, currently there is only 1 but another appears in the Conflict at the Carrock expansion and no doubt more will appear throughout the current cycle.