Coloured Capers

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

As you may recall last week I wrote a preview for Tom Norfolk's Lure, well now here's Tom himself to talk about the game and the countless sleepless nights he had while devising it!

A design diary for ‘Colour Chess + Lure’

The first game I released, Stak Bots, was definitely not the first game I made. During its design it took many forms, several of which were completely different games.

At the time, I kept leaving versions and moving on, always trying to make the game that little bit more playable, that smidgeon more fun. A small tweak would turn into a whole night sat re-designing, re-printing and re-sticking every single card, which more often than not wouldn’t work and would mean you just over-excitedly borked a whole load of cards in the process, as you scribble over the top of existing ones until all that remains is a garbled indecipherable mess.

Sometimes though, the changes would stick and the game would evolve, but the cast-offs were not forgotten. Several years after its release, the previous versions still occupy boxes as the shades of Stak Bots’ previous lives and I dig into them occasionally, nostalgically wondering when I’ll ever find the time to revisit and finish them.

A play-testing session with bits of paper t