Stak Bots: The Next Evolution

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Its been a while since we aired a guest post here but when Tom Norfolk asks if he can write something for me I can’t say no. Stak Bots Red which we reviewed last week introduces a raft of new and vicious little bots into the game and here Tom looks at how those bots came to be, whether it was through strange science, bio-engineering, darwinian survival or simply being in the right place at the right time.

Take it away Tom…

A Treatise on the Evolution of Stak Bots

Stak Bots

In the last 2 years, ever since Callout Bot summoned forth its army of admirers in the Yellow Expansion, the cogs of the Stak Bots factory have continued to turn and grind and smoosh together… a new wave of Bots is now ready to make its appearance! In no particular order…

Elephant Bot

There are concerns that a door was left open round the back of the factory somewhere, and that various creatures wandered in and somehow got caught up in the fabrication process, because some of the new Bots are decidedly animalistic.

Elephant Bot for example, a to