A Gamer's Guide to Giving Gifts: Extravagant Games

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Do you have a big pile of cash burning a hole in your pocket? Well then this is the list for you. Mike B from Who Dares Rolls and I are here to present you with six great games that will make your Christmas and bankrupt your wallet. It's the final part of A Gamer's Guide to Giving Gifts

Chris’ Picks

So, you’re looking to blow some cash? Well, have you perhaps met Fantasy Flight Games? FFG is basically the schoolyard bully that used to pick you up and shake you until all the change fell out of your pockets. Of course in that scenario you just left the encounter with a punch to the gut, here you get lots of shiny cardboard goodness.

So all my picks follow the same train of thought, all of these games are good games, but when you add in every expansion they are amazing games!

Lord of the Rings The Card Game - Fantasy Flight Games

Lord of the Rings LCG