LOTR LCG: Return to Mirkwood

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Dain Ironfoot

Return to Mirkwood is the epic conclusion to the first cycle of Adventure Packs and so it is a fittingly difficult scenario with tough enemies and terrible treacheries. Thankfully we’re not facing it alone.

The Hero

Dain Ironfoot makes his first appearance in this set as a Leadership Hero, inspiring all other dwarves to greater feats, providing +1 Will and +1 Attack, while Dain is ready. Here’s the rub though, it’s easy to not send Dain questing, his single willpower does not outweigh his bonus to all other Dwarves in play, however it’s harder to justify not defending with him. Dain has an impressive 3 Defence and with other attachments, like Dunedain Warning he can become a block of unyielding stone, but if you do defend with him you lose the bonus to attack, unless of course you can find a method of readying him again.

Player Cards


Dawn Take You All - All players can discard 1 shadow card from an enemy with which they are engaged. The problem with this card is once again, the cost. For 2 resources Burning Brand cancels all shadow cards, for 1 resource Hasty Stroke cancels a revealed shadow effect. Dawn Take You All discards multiple cards, but only 1 from each player, making it a weak choice solo and it could discard a card with no effect at all.