LOTR LCG: The Dead Marshes

Updated: Sep 17, 2019


And so we stumble forth into the dead marshes, a place whose very name is only ever spoken in hushed whispers. The Dead Marshes Adventure pack of course continues the hunt for the creature known as Gollum but it also brings with it a swathe of new player cards, let’s take a look.

The Hero

This set introduces one of the best Heroes in the game. We’ve seen heroes with auto-ready effects before, like Aragorn and Imrahil but Boromir is simply a beast. For the cost of 1 threat Boromir can ready. This means he can defend you against every attacker and still stand ready to attack back afterwards. Sure, your threat will skyrocket quickly but the versatility that Boromir offers and the peace of mind he gives, knowing that he’s always there if you need him, makes Boromir worth his 11 threat cost.

Player Cards


Dunedain Cache - Continuing the theme of the Dunedain attachments this one can also be passed between heroes in a time of need and confers the keyword Ranged on the attached Hero.