Day 3 - LOTR LCG: Attack on Dol Guldur

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

So this week, as a festive treat to myself, I took part in my first ever Organised Play event (At the North West Games Center in Stockport). Lord of the Rings The Card Game is one of my most played and reviewed games with in excess of 300 plays and probably 200 losses under my belt.

The Organised Play events are notoriously hard and this one was no exception. We played the game in Epic Multiplayer mode. This basically meant that we each took on a stage of the quest and our failures hurt the other players.

Attack on Dol Guldor Event Kit

I was in a team of three, which consisted of a pure Dwarf Deck running Thorin, Nori and Dori. A pure Tactics deck running Legolas, Gimli and Thalin and my own Leadership deck running Eomer, Denethor and Dain.

Dain was there as a boost to all the other dwarves and as a stalwart defender. Eomer’s task was to ride into the staging area with the questers and cut down enemies before they contributed their threat. And Denethor was there for resource production and epic defence.

Eomer was probably my first mistake. From turn 2 onwards we had dealt with most of the enemies and were instead being swamped by locations we couldn’t clear because the quest won't let you. This meant that the horselord was simply sitting idle, while a cheaper Dwarf hero such as Gloin might have at least been questing.

However, I shouldn’t be too hard on us. This quest was insanely hard. After we cleared stage 1 with 17