Game Night Reviews: Dwarf King

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

The Dwarf King

Game Night is going on tour! That’s right for the next three installments of Game Night Reviews were are away from the comfort of home and out on the open waters, sailing the byways of England like scurvy ridden pirates.

The Game Night lads have hired a long boat, festooned with a wooden duck and two rag doll puppets and set sail on the canal from Silsden on a typical English summer day, yep, that means grey and overcast with some drizzle.

And so I was left to choose a theme for our game night games and I went with “Games you can feasibly play on a tiny table that might be moving due to us being on a boat” It was a good theme.

We set off from Silsden in the late afternoon with plans to moor up once we reached Skipton. We had barely left the dock before we managed to spin our vessel a full 90 degrees, blocking the entire canal and causing chaos.

Regardless, we eventually made it to Skipton, with only a few minor fracases with other canal-goers and one head-on collision with a tour group. After we had an agreeable dinner which included one of our number attempting to eat a 2 foot wide calzone, we settled down to some gaming on the water.

Our first game was a simple little card game from the master of chaos, Bruno Faidutti called Dwarf King.