Day 1 - Legendary World War Hulk

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

It’s Christmas! And that means it’s time for our annual 12 mini reviews in 12 days series. We kick things off with my most played game of all time, Marvel Legendary. We surpassed the 550 games played mark on Christmas Day as we got to grips with the new World War Hulk expansion.

Legendary, World War Hulk, Upper Deck

The expansion adds four hundred new cards to the game, making this the largest set since the base game. It also adds a whole slew of new keywords to learn, making this one a little tricky to get going but it hums along nicely once everyone is up to speed.

The new keywords are:

Smash X - Discard a card to get X hits. Simple, straightforward and very powerful. This one also feeds directly into Wounded Fury allowing you to get wounds into your discard pile.

Wounded Fury X - Get hits equal to the number of wounds in your discard pile. Alternatively, a villain or mastermind that has Wounded Fury gets +X hit points for each wound in your discard. It’s a double edged sword.

Outwit - This keyword is quite similar to Spectrum from previous sets but instead of colours you need 3 different cost cards to trigger the effect.

Transform -