Weekend Warrior: Shell Shock

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

It’s a new year, time to bring back Weekend Warrior with a vengeance. I’ve been so stoked this week to get TMNT Shadows of the Past back to the table and I’m already jonesing to play it again. For those who haven’t heard of this IDW brawler based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was designed by Kevin Wilson (Descent Journeys in the Dark, Arkham Horror etc) and introduced a genius new dice sharing mechanic.

I have raved about the game in the past but it has failed to hit the table much this year, buried beneath other campaign games like Imperial Assault, 7th Continent and Lord of the Rings LCG, it just always feels like it’s not TMNT’s turn to dance. Anyway, the launch of the new Kickstarter this week brought back my love for this game and my nostalgia for the IP in a huge way and come the weekend I insisted we had to play it or I was going to sulk.

When we last left the action the Turtles had fled from Old Hob through the sewers unfortunately upon returning to their subterranean dwelling they found themselves face to face with the Foot Clan and their arctic fox leader Alopex.

The mission was simple, get to the door and open it. My long time gamer friend Dave was running the TMNT and I was running the foot. The scenario features 4 cameras which the turtles must disable or risk increasing the difficulty of getting the door open. The cameras begin the mission facing the wrong way, giving the turtles one turn to disable them. I began the game with two foot clan bruisers and two ninjas, along with Alopex.

Perhaps I was over confident because of my bruisers hulking si