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Weekend Warrior: Gaming Resolutions

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Hey guys, welcome back to Weekend Warrior, my semi regular series where I talk more about my experiences with the hobby rather than reviewing necessarily a single game. In this weeks post we’re taking a look into the future and setting some gaming goals for 2019.

Last week I talked about my gaming stats for 2018 and I passed some pretty impressive milestones. However this week I wanted to set myself some challenges and hopefully I’ll feel like I’ve achieved something if I can cross off at least half of them.

Firstly though I want to point out that I don’t want to make this really hard, it's not about that. I want to experience the hobby and try different things, meets some targets sure, but not to the exclusion of doing anything else. I don’t want to be playing a game just so I can cross something off my bucket list.

So without further ado let’s get into it.


Okay, so I need to blog more so here’s my goals.

50 New Posts (Not Including 12 Games of Christmas) - If I can put 50 new posts this year, or one a week that would be fantastic and it’ll give you all something to read. I’m excluding the 12 Games of Christmas series from the 50 so really I need to do 62 posts.

25 Weekend Warrior Posts - I want to try and remember to post at least 25 Weekend Warrior posts, I think having more session reports, convention reviews etc on the blog is really important and I’m going to try and remember (and find time) to do one at least once every two weeks.

Finishing merging Duke of the Blood Keep - Last summer I began the big job of merging my painting blog with Unboxed. I want to bring DOTBK and Unboxed together under one roof and start putting out content again including painting tutorials, scenery workshops and session reports.

New Games

Every year my collection grows but the shelves are starting to creak under the weight. I know for a fact I can’t say no new games, I’m not a lunatic, but I’m going to say...

No more than 10 new games added to the collection - This does not include expansions! And I’ve already used up 2 slots on TMNT Change is Constant and TMNT City Fall.

Play at least 100 different games across the course of the year - Last year I played 116 different games so I feel confident that I can achieve a similar amount of variety.

Play at least 10 games I don’t own - I play a lot of games from my own collection so this year I’d like to try and play more games in other people’s gaming libraries.


Every year we start campaigns, some we finish, some we don't. Some span multiple years or even decades, but here’s a short list of campaigns I would like to start or finish in 2019.

  • Finish Voracious Goddess at least once in 7th Continent

  • Play Tyrants of Lothal for Imperial Assault

  • Play the CROC X-Wing Campaign

  • Finish Legends of Andor (Legend 5)

  • Play LOTR Sands of Harad & The Haradrim Cycle

  • Play T.I.M.E Stories Under the Mask and T.I.M.E Stories Endurance


I quite often buy expansions for games I love but sometimes I just can’t seem to get them to the table. This year I’d like to play any of these at least once...

Cry Havoc Aftermath, Firefly (Everything!) and The Networks The Executives

Shelf of Shame

We all have that small collection of games that somehow we just never got around to playing. Well this year I would like to play at least 10 games from the following list:

Aye Dark Overlord, Crazy Karts, Crossfire, Detective, Dragon's Gold, Fictionaire, Illuminati: Deluxe Edition, Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot, Mafia de Cuba, Mafia: Vendetta, Mascarade, Mint Delivery, Muse, Pictomania, Push It, Run, Fight, or Die!, Samurai Spirit, Scandinavia and the World: A Heap of Trouble, Titan Race, Untold Adventures Await, When I Dream, Who Would Win


I got a ton of stuff painted over the last year, although the last few months have been a bit less productive. However I also struggle to finish a project before being distracted by something shiny and new. With that in mind I would like to complete the following painting projects:

  • Finish Painting Stuffed Fables

  • Finish Painting Imperial Assault

  • Finish Painting Battlestar Galactica

  • Paint as much of Zombicide Invader as possible before TMNT Adventures shows up and jumps the queue.

Game Night

Finally I have a list of games I want to try and introduce at Games Night. Hopefully we can play each of the following at least once over the course of the next year.

Detective, Century Golem, Cosmic Encounter, Zombicide, Menara, Space Alert, Mission Red Planet, Pandemic Iberia, 7 Wonders, Adrenaline, Evo, Revolution, Tiny Epic Galaxies, When I Dream

So that’s our Gaming Resolutions for 2019, let us know on Twitter or Facebook what your gaming resolutions are and check back on Wednesday for another review from the Game Night Guys.

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