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Big Painting Update

It's Christmas Eve and the Keep is all but silent, nought can be heard not paint, nor brush, nor glue, nor water. I'm on a painting hiatus and I'm actually getting the minis on the table and playing games with them.

However I still do have a few updates to share. In the new year I'll be posting my Painting Pledges and letting you know how I got on with those. I've also just finished a big update to the galleries and the landing page for Duke of the Blood Keep, hopefully its clearer to navigate now and there are fewer dead links. I'll be hopefully taking some more pictures of older minis next year to bring more of my back catalogue to the site with updated images.

With the gallery updates I've also uploaded a whole slew more pictures. My closing painting total for the year managed to exceed 500 miniatures so hopefully there was a little something for everyone to enjoy. Below you can see some of the highlights and a link to the appropriate Galleries.

Massive Darkness

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mice & Mystics

Super Dungeon Explore

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke

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