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Painting Pledges 2020 - Update

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

At the start of the year I set myself some painting targets and now that we're halfway through the year I wanted to revisit those and update them and see how I'm getting on in general.

First up, the original pledges:

  • Finish Zombicide Invader (Not Including Dark Side) - 96 minis - Completed

  • Finish 2nd Edition Descent (Not Including Monster & Hero & Lieutenant packs) - 28 minis - Completed

  • Finish Tail Feathers - 7 minis

  • Finish TMNT Change is Constant - 59 minis

  • Finish Imperial Assault - 6 minis - Completed

  • Paint at least 180 miniatures - Completed

So there's two outstanding items left, Tail Feathers and TMNT, however TMNT is still on a slowboat from China so that's making checking that particular item off much trickier. I also crossed off not only the main Descent expansions but also all the Lieutenant packs and two monster collections.

Totals so far this year

For a total of 273 plus

Holy cow I've been busy! So what can I put on my pledge list? I'm actually starting to run low on models to paint, unsurprising really given how productive I've been so far this year. The good news is I have plenty of stuff coming in 2021 to replenish my stocks. So, my updated pledges...

  • TMNT Change is Constant - 59 minis

  • Tail Feathers - 7 minis

  • Super Dungeon Explore - 30 minis

  • Descent - 25 minis

  • Paint at least 100 minis across all ranges

So I'm keeping the TMNT pledge, I don't want to increase it but I will likely do more than just the base game when it finally comes, but best to stay conservative and meet my target. Tail Feathers I can easily cross off in a week. Super Dungeon is currently getting some love so it would be nice to finish the currently outstanding Ninja All Stars crossover content, plus it's good to get some Chibi painting practice in for when Marvel United arrives next spring.

Descent-wise I currently have two monster packs outstanding, but a third is on back order so it may or may not arrive in time so I've left it off for now. As for everything else, I've got 50 Otherworld miniatures outstanding, including two more dragons and just over 100 Pulp City miniatures. I expect I'll cross a few off both before the year is out. I also have a bit of a hankering to return to Lord of the Rings at some point in the future, now that I've upped my speed painting game, but all my stuff is currently unavailable due to lockdown.

So that's my challenge, a minimum of 100 minis before Christmas and hopefully closing out all open board game painting projects, with the exception of Zombicide Dark Side. In 2021 I'll have Batman Adventures, Marvel United and Zombicide 2nd Edition arriving so it will be good to finish up what I already have before then!

Until next time, have fun painting and let me know down in the comments what your painting pledges for 2020 are.

The Duke


The first board game The Duke ever painted was MB's Dark World.

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