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Children of the Apocalypse

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This week I've been painting Zombicide 2nd Edition. It's going rather well...

I decided to start off with the walker horde. With 40 minis, even in 10 different sculpts, this was going to be the hardest slog of getting the core set painted. And I was right. 2nd Edition has been scaled down from the other zombicide game I own (Invader) to more closely match the 1st edition. I initially struggled to get pleasing results with the zombies as the scaling down obscured some of the nicer details from the renders.

Each zombie is clocking in around 45 minutes a piece, meaning I'm painting between 2 and 4 in a session, so I should be done with the core set in around a month, which feels like good pacing.

As you can see I'm varying my skin tones and clothing colours across all the models to hopefully give a convincing horde look. I've also gone with clear basing. I was initially planing to do some home made, post-apocalypse style basing but that would have doubled the painting time of the set so clear acrylic is a nice short cut.

However, even with varying my colours I still got bored of painting zombies so I decided to start painting up some survivors to fight off the incoming horde. I began with the kids.

Zombicide 2nd Edition introduces child survivors into the core set and I have to say for the most part I'm pretty pleased with how these have come out. The details still suffer from being scaled down, details like belts and swords are too thin and have an uneven thickness but as a group the kids look good.

I'm currently half way through the Walkers, having finished the male walkers I've now turned my attention to the ladies.

Over the next week I hope to finish the Walkers, although I'll likely break them up by painting the other survivors. As always you can see more pictures in the gallery, but until then, have fun painting,

The Duke

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Love your minis! They look great! What method did you use to get them off of their original bases? I really like the clear acrylic look.

Replying to

Excellent!! Thanks for the heads up! 😀

I usually use Gorilla Super. I will pick up some GF9.

Thanks Again.

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