Game Night Reviews - Letter Jam

Updated: Jun 14

The Game Night boys are back… sure, we’re still stuck in the digital limbo of tabletop simulator but at least we’re taking names and playing games. This week we’ve been putting our vocabulary to the test in Ondra Skoupý’s Letter Jam.

Letter Jam is basically multiplayer mastermind with words rather than colours. All the players are working together to give clues to help everyone at the table solve a five letter word. Let’s take a quick look at how it plays.

A Quick Overview

You begin a game of Letter Jam by dividing up the deck of letter cards roughly evenly amongst the players. Each player uses the cards they’ve been given to make a 5 letter word for the player on their right. The rest of the letters are shuffled back together to form a deck. The asterisk card is placed in the centre of the table along with the numbered chips.

Each player shuffles the word they have been given and places the cards face down in front of themselves, adding the leftmost card to a holder, allowing all the players at the table to see it but themselves.