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How to Paint: Koya

Updated: May 9, 2021

Dedicated Lieutenant of the Foot Clan, Koya has unswerving loyalty to her master Shredder. Koya was one of the many Kickstarter extras that came with the TMNT City Fall pledge, but she was one that almost wasn't going to happen and was instead brought in as a bonus because so many fans demanded her inclusion. So, how did I paint this one... let's find out.


  • Citadel Contrast Aggaros Dunes

  • Citadel Contrast Wyldwood

  • Citadel Contrast Templar Black

  • Citadel Contrast Apothecary White

  • Citadel Contrast Medium

  • Formula P3 Sickly Skin

  • Formula P3 Trollblood Highlight

  • Formula P3 Moldy Ochre

  • Formula P3 Bastion Grey

  • Formula P3 Idrian Flesh

  • Formula P3 Jack Bone

  • Formula P3 Menoth White Base

  • Formula P3 Menoth White Highlight


I started with a light base coat and then added a wash of Aggaros Dunes to pick out the details.

Next I picked out the body, arms and legs with Bastion Grey

And the wrappings with Jack Bone and the loin cloth with Templar Black Contrast.

With or without them, Koya's defining characteristic is her wings so I wanted to spend a fair amount of time on them. Using Sickly Skin I added a hatching pattern to each feather and defined the raised edge, it's not a quick process but the end result is worth it.

Next I added some Sickly Skin to my dry brush and when there was almost no paint on left on the brush I dusted the wings with it. Here I'm trying to soften those deep browns without eradicating the hatching.

Now to blend it all together I mixed some sickly skin with Contrast Medium and began to wash the feathers. This creates a semi opaque layer that should still show the detailing but give us a softer overall finish. For the areas under the arms and particularly in the armpits I used some Apothecary White Contrast with the mix to give a grayer, darker look.

Next I flipped her over and use Wyldwood Contrast to shade the backs of the wings.

Next I worked on the main body. This time using Trollblood Highlight to pick out the muscle blocks.

Adding in some Sickly Skin I did a couple of layers of highlights.

Then it was time to add her markings. This was done with a very fine brush using Wyldwood Contrast. I like to use Contrast paints for this kind of work, firstly because they have a nicer flow characteristic, more like ink than paint but secondly because they still show underlying detail through, adding areas of natural shade or highlight where needed.

Next I picked out her eyes and added in the beak, hands and feet using Moldy Ochre. The talons were picked out with Templar Black.

Using some Menoth White base followed by some Menoth White highlight I picked out the edges of the wrappings.

Flipping her back over I now added hatch marks to the backs of the wings, this time using Idrian Flesh.

Then I marked out the white areas I wanted with a base coat of Trollblood Highlight before adding in some Sickly Flesh highlights.

To finish I added some highlights to the black using Coal Black and mixing in a little Frostbite to do some edge highlights.

And there we have it, one completed mutant Falcon. If you have enjoyed these minis please check out the whole gallery here.

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke

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