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March's Painting Update

Updated: May 7, 2022

March flew by in a blur after I was on secondment for a week helping out in Shrewsbury with our musical theatre show. In all honesty it was an enjoyable break but it was good to get back to the painting table.

March was wall to wall Massive Darkness with some fairly epic painting sessions. We started out with the mobs which became increasing complex as they went on.

I was very happy with each of these but most surprised by the demons which I was not expecting to enjoy but really like how they came together.

With the mobs complete I turned my attention to the Wandering Monsters. I completed two in March, but each took around 6 hours to complete.

The Ghoul is vast in scale and provided plenty of practice for my NMM painting skills. I'm really pleased with the end result but he did not come together quickly.

Empress Ytheria has some gorgeous reds which I adored painting. Her face on the other hand took many curse words and lots tweaking for me to finally be happy.

I did also start Archangel Michael, easily one of the biggest miniatures I've ever painted but I didn't finish him in March so you'll have to tune in next week for April's Painting Update to find out how I got on...

The Duke


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