Bring on the Lightbringers

Last week we faced the Elementals, they brought doom and gloom to our little dungeon, so to balance it out we have some heroes to spread light, hope and glory.

I'll be honest when I backed Massive Darkness 2 I didn't plan on picking up much in the way of extra stuff. I figured I'd pick up a couple of the monster expansions to paint, especially ones I couldn't proxy, like the elementals, but I had no plans on picking up any of the hero expansions because MD2 would be shipping with plenty and the differences between each hero are only slight...

But then I painted one and I was hooked. My first hero out of the gate was Victoria and I loved painting her. I have been trying my hand at some non-metallic metals for a while now, starting with the SDE stuff but I feel like I really hit on a striking style with Victoria.

However once you pick a style for an entire board game you have to stick with it for the rest of the collection and that has been a little time consuming. My average time per hero for