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February's Painting Update

Oh, boy, howdy. In my last update I said I wanted to make these more regular and look what I went and did. But I'm here now so let's take a look at what I painted in February.


I started off Feb with a journey into the dark with Descent. Rather than painting one single expansion I bounced around a bit finishing Ferroxs, Blood Apes and a pair of Nagas, I still have the master variant to do.

As you can see the bigger minis still need basing, but I got distracted by something else...

Massive Darkness

The rest of the month was devoted to painting Massive Darkness. I started out with the mobs, managing four across the rest of the month.

Still pretty happy with everything, even if progress was slow. I did also take photos throughout to try and create some tutorials. So far I have posted one for the Gargoyles and the Fire Entities.

Overall my productivity dipped in Feb with just 21 minis completed, bringing my total for the year to 52. Sadly, March will not be much better. Still... progress is progress.

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


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