Marvel Champions - Wasp

Nadia Van Dyne has assumed the mantle of the Wasp and following in her father’s footsteps she’s taking on crime both big and small. Wasp is the second of our size changing heroes for Marvel Champions and her deck comes packed with all manner of events to deal out hits and keep on coming. Let’s take a look at what comes in this hero pack.

Nadia Van Dyne/Wasp

Wasp is another hero with a three sided card. Like Ant-Man before her, she has an Alter Ego side and two Hero sides. This is achieved with a folding card, which shows the Giant hero form on the inside of the fold.

Her Alter Ego is Nadia Van Dyne, daughter of Hank Pym, she has better than average health, starting out at 11 with the average 6 hand size and comfortable recovery of 3. Her Alter Ego power, G.I.R.L allows her to shuffle cards showing the mental resource back into her deck. Outside of using this to mitigate the negative side of a mulligan I haven't used it often, but of course, using it to shuffle copies of Genius back in makes a lot of sense.

In Tiny form Wasp is less than average all round. Her Defence is her trump stat at 2 with Attack and Thwart being only 1. Her hand size is reduced to 5 and her special ability allows her to deal direct damage to the villain every time she (or an event she