Ten Tips for Improving your Painting Motivation

I have been painting now for around 25 years and I paint on average once a day, but even I sometimes burn out and go through periods where I feel uninspired to sit down and paint. So here are my top ten tips for upping your motivation and getting yourself pumped to paint.

1. Paint Routinely

Scheduling your painting will increase your productivity. If you paint ad hoc it’s easier to put it off. If you work it into your schedule and set aside dedicated time it will become routine. This doesn’t have to be every night, it could be once a week or even once a month, the fact of knowing you have that set aside time to work on your painting will make it easier to get started. That doesn’t mean you can’t sit down on a different night and do some painting but then that time will feel like a bonus session and you’ll get a little jolt of endorphins because you overachieved.

2. Paint Something

Following on from my last tip about scheduling your time is this. Paint something, paint anything, when you sit down to paint and you only have a short time or you don’t feel like taking a mini to completion just paint something. Every time you apply paint to a mini you are one step closer to finishing, it might only be a tiny step but all those steps add up.

3. Don’t force yourself to paint

Sometimes when you sit down to paint you don’t know where to start, or you just can’t face it, it’s okay to do something else. Painting is a creative art, or at least it should be, and forcing yourself to do it will not lead to creativity and expression, it will lead to resentment. If you are tired or frustrated or bored you can stop. Coming back to the table with fresh eyes on a different day you might see everything differently.

That said, sometimes just starting can be enough shake off the funk of procrastination, but if you're really not feeling it, better to pack up and do something more fun.