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This is how it ends?!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

There is something incredibly satisfying about finishing a painting project but also something a little sad. This month I have finally put Zombicide Invader to bed, painting the final set of survivors a couple of weeks back. While I'm working on a big project like this I'll always have reminders of it hanging around. Unfinished minis on my painting table or terrain setups on my photography table or just the miniatures themselves chilling out on the coffee table. But when I finish the project all that gets packed away and the lid goes on the box and the next time I get to be in that world is playing the game, which can sometimes be six or twelve months down the line.

With Zombicide Invader I first put my paintbrush to plastic on August 13th 2019 and finished the last mini on June 7th 2020. That's 221 models over the course of 10 months. Here are some of the highlights...

Firstly the core set. This set up for the photos was a lot of fun to put together. The core set was, give or take, painted over the course of a month and I'll be honest it was a slog at times, especially the 40+ basic xenos. I'm not a fan of painting the same thing over and over and you'll see from some of my other work that I like to add variety into my minis, which I think makes them look more realistic, after all not all humans are the same colour, why should goblins be. But I also do it because it keeps me interested.

With the core set cleared I was able to take a more casual approach to the remaining content, painting pieces I was excited about and picking and choosing colour schemes as I went. CMON are well known for having a variety of celebrity cameo appearances in their games and below are a few of my favourites.

However the pieces that really shone for me in this game are the abominations. Sure, it's a cliche that we all love big minis but they are pretty cool.

You can see more images over in the gallery, along with tutorials and reviews for the base game. And while I said I'm done with the project, it really is a "for now" style statement. I still have Zombicide Dark Side to paint and Cmon Comics season one coming early next year. Next week I'll be showing off some Descent Journeys in the Dark. Until then, have fun gaming.

The Duke


If the Duke were on a mission to assault an alien infested space ship he'd be in the pilot seat, playing with his plastic dinosaurs!

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