Top 10 Meanest Games in my Collection

With the rise of co-operative board games in the last ten plus years, the hobby has begun to shun those games that invite meanness. “Take That” has become a phrase only uttered in the shady back alleys of gaming where the common decent folk won't dare to tread. But sometimes there is immense pleasure to be derived from slapping down a card and completely destroying people you formally considered to be your friends.

That’s what this list is, a list of the ten meanest games in my collection. I did not include any head to head two player style games, those are confrontational by default, no in these games you are targeting a specific player for misfortune on purpose and making it personal!

10. Junk Art

Junk Art is down here at the bottom of the list because it’s not that mean. Junk Art is a stacking game composed of a series of short mini games. Some are played cooperative, some competitive, however a few of them are played peevishly.