We Must Away 'Ere Break Of Day

When #FantasyFlight announced they were producing a Lord of the Rings Living Card Game it had as everything the Tolkien fan in my belly could have ever wished for, well all except for one thing. You see in #LOTRLCG you play in stories that are adjacent to the real heroics that we grew up reading about. Sure you can play as Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli but you can't take the ring to Mount Doom or prevent Smaug from scorching Laketown.

That is until FFG announced the Saga Expansions. Finally we would have our chance to relive the adventures of our childhood heroes and we'd be starting with Bilbo Baggins and his journey to the lonely mountain.

Bilbo Baggins and Baggins Resources

Before we can talk about the scenarios included in Over Hill and Under Hill we need to talk about what separates the Saga Expansions from a traditional LOTRLCG scenario.

In each Saga box you will find a new unique hero with a 0 threat cost who is deployed at the start of each scenario in that set and in #OverHillandUnderHill that hero is