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Weekend Warrior: Digital Heroes in a Half Shell

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Last week #IDWGames made it apparent that the European shipment for #TMNT Adventures would not be making landfall this month and was, in fact, on its way back to china. This was a blow, given that the game was originally slated for release in October 2019, it is now looking like it will be September 2020 assuming there are no more issues.

So, rather than sulk and moan about this I thought about what I could be doing… Since entering lockdown, here in the UK, my friends and I have been having virtual game nights via Tabletop Simulator and, while there isn’t a mod for the new version of TMNT Adventures on there I do have some, not insignificant, photoshop skills and access to an album full of unboxing photos.

Cut to a week later and I have a fully playable version of TMNT Adventures sitting on my desktop.

Change is Constant is on my digital table!

To make it clear, this is a version I have developed solely for my own use, I do not have permission to share this work from the original publisher and do not intend to do so without their blessing.

I also don’t have access to the new missions so I’m using this kit to bring the new co-op mode to the old Shadows of the Past missions.

Mission 1 - Street Cleaners

And because I wasn’t working with the original art, or even high res scans of the components, but instead with photographs I rebuilt many of the components from scratch, including all the cards and there were hundreds of them!

Photoshop is my friend!

Here you can see the digital version of the hero sheet which I made as close as possible to original although it’s not exactly the same.

And here is a side by side comparison between the original and my own versions of the hero ability cards.

So what have I ended up with? 29 fully playable heroes…

and 45 fully playable AI enemies…

…all painstaking recreated to go on an all digital re-exploration of Shadows of the Past.

2 Core Games, 1 Big Box Expansion, 3 Small Expansions and the Kickstarter Exclusives

Its not perfect by any stretch and I’m sure some errors crept in along the way. I don’t have any of the new tiles, but without the new missions that is not really a problem. I am missing one ally as the text on Harold Lilja was illegible and I had to guess at some of the text on splinters “Strangers Mask” card, still, hats off to Jeremy Dobler for all his excellent unboxing work. I had to proxy some tokens and other components too but imperfect is better than nothing at all… and it’s time to kick some shell!

What have you been playing and how during this time of social distancing? Let us know down in the comments.


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