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Fort Hendrix








Publisher's Description

Fort Hendrix is a Zombicide experience like no other, featuring a full campaign with 6 new survivors set in a U.S. military base. With advanced rules, the story unfolds throughout 10 mission, as new challenges and opportunities arise with each choice players make. Explore the new game mechanics like survivors being able to keep their equipment from a mission to the next and watch as they unlock achievements, new powers, and reveal the next chapter of the adventure! Face the deadly Shooter Walkers, soldiers that even as zombies still remember how to shoot an assault rifle. Make crucial choices using objective cards. Call upon the All-Out mechanic to unleash your weapon’s true power at the risk of breaking it. Fight all night long using the special Clock token and night rules. Fort Hendrix holds dark secrets and much more, and you’re about to uncover it all.




Raphaël Guiton, Jean-Baptiste Lullien, Nicolas Raoult


Édouard Guiton, Antonio Maínez, Eric Nouhaut

Its a fun way to play zombicide and each play has a few fun surprises as you unveil new objective cards, but it's not a true campaign

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