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January's Painting Update

I know it's not January but things got kinda crazy here at the Keep this month. I'm going to try and put in some more regular painting updates rather than scattergun updates throughout the year so what have I been painting in January.

Star Wars Imperial Assault

We kicked things off by completing all outstanding minis for Imperial Assault. This included Luke, BT-1 & 0-0-0 and the 501st Stormtrooper Legion. The only minis I haven't painted for Imperial Assault now are Alliance Smuggler and The Inquisitor neither of which I currently have to paint.

Overall I enjoyed these, it was nice to return to that galaxy far far away, if only for a brief time. I also got to try out some new paints, using the Molten Metals from Darkstar which I think give a great coverage for metallics and may be my new favourite metallics brand.

Descent Journeys in the Dark

Along side Imperial Assault I also started working on some Descent minis, having pledged to finish painting the whole game by the end of the year. I've bounced around the expansions a bit rather than concentrating on finishing any one particular set. This month I did Wendigos and Lava Beetles.

I didn't love either of these, there was a lot of flashing and detail loss that just made them more work to paint. Still they're done now and they don't look too terrible.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I started the year with 8 minis remaining for TMNT so I decided to cross off some more by painting the remaining Deviations turtles.

Again, not huge fan of these minis, although I quite like Mikey. The Deviations storyline basically runs with concept that the turtles have fallen under the sway of the foot clan and then plays out an alternate reality of that. I took a shot at recreating the image from the climatic battle.

Zombicide 2nd Edition

Searching around for what to paint next my eye fell upon the half finished Urban Legends expansion for Zombicide and well I got my brushes out and...

Given this was an expansion I initially skipped and only picked up to paint the sewer croc, I was pretty damn pleased with the end results.

Once I got the Zombicide bug I fell hard down the rabbit hole, barreling right on into the Fort Hendrix expansion.

I think I did some really great work here. The Shooter Zombies are a million times better than the Walkers from the base game in terms of crisp details, although their chests are still a little busy with all the straps and packs that just doesn't translate well into plastic. I think theres also some really great heroes in here, in particular Penny and Wayne stand out to me.


35 Minis painted of a 350 goal for the year, so I'm already batting above the required average. However I already know February will take a dip due to work commitments so I need to make best use of the quiet times.

I also crossed off my Imperial Assault and Fort Hendrix goals for this years pledges. February looks like it'll be more fantasy themed with plenty of Descent and the arrival of Massive Darkness Hellscape!

What have you guys been painting this year? Any goals you want to hit? Let me know in the comments down below. Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


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