Talisman 3rd Edition

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Talisman 3rd Edition

Okay, so I really hoped that I’d be talking to you this week about Warhammer: Invasion, however it looks like I’ll have to save that for another time. So here then is review for Talisman, 3rd Edition produced by Games Workshop.

To be honest, Fantasy Flight Games’ new previews for the expansion packs to the 4th edition have really gotten me interested in giving it a go, despite my increasing frustration with the 3rd edition. This frustration, I should add, is because my little brother insists on playing this game, every night! Picking up a copy of the fourth editions would at least give us a change of pace. Anyway I digress.

The Concept

Talisman is an adventure game where all the players try and beef up their character, collect a talisman and defeat the Dragon King in the Wizard’s Tower for the ultimate prize, the Crown of Command. QED


Each character in Talisman plays differently, although they all have the same statistics. These are Strength, Craft and Lives. Each character has his/her own special abilities which differentiate them from the others. The Characters are by no means balanced so we always randomise them with a dice roll. I have personally created my own characters too (which may go up in a Ramble one day) so we have over 40 characters in the game. This means that each game has at least some variety.