Stak Bots Red

Updated: Jul 11

Stak Bots Red

Today I’m going to be taking a look at a preview copy of the Red Expansion for Stak Bots from Dogeared Games. I’ve been a fan of this little card game now for a while, you can see my review of the base game here. It’s a small box that packs a mean punch and the designer, UK based Tom Norfolk, is a fantastic chap. Is the expansion worth getting? Lets take a look.


You get a lot more bots. My preview deck contains 60 cards however the final number will probably change depending on the success of the kickstarter.

If you own the base game then the cards will be of the same quality, relatively stiff card stock with a satin finish and of course the cutesy art style that the original had. Now, I’ve said it before but I think it bears repeating, I suspect that Stak Bots would have garnered wider success with better artwork. I like the cutesy stuff fine but I can see how the homemade look of the cards could turn people off before ever even playing the game. And that’s Stak Bots biggest flaw, because it’s a great game that hides it’s light under a bushel.

New Bots

I’m going to assume if you are still reading this review you know how to play the base game of Stak Bots, so, what does the Red Expansion add?