Day 4: Rivals for Catan: The Age of Enlightenment

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Rivals for Catan: Age of Enlightenment

As with a lot of people The Settlers of Catan was my gateway into the hobby and I have always retained a soft spot for everything Catan. I own most of the expansions, plus I own two different digital versions and the original card game. When Rivals came along I tried to hold out on buying it, after all I already owned the Settlers the Card Game, which, while fun, suffered from stilted mechanics, but Rivals looked so pretty and after playing it once I retired my copy of Settlers The Card Game and Rivals for Catan took it’s place. In fact when it comes to Civilization style games, this is my one of choice.

Rivals for Catan is a two player card game set on the island of Catan. In the game players are building roads, settlements and cities, along with buildings and units which enhance their settlements/cities with the aim of being the first to score 12 points. Rivals features several improvements, including streamlined rules and a faster playing time. Rivals is deeper than it’s board game counterpart but it is limited to two players, takes up a lot of playing space and takes a little longer to play.