Day 8 - Time's Up Title Recall

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Times Up Title Recall, R&R Games

Happy New Year! This year, as a special treat, we decided to forego the usual booze-up and instead brought in the new year with some board games. Much merriment was had and we closed out the evening and rung in 2019 with a hand of Time’s Up Title Recall.

Time’s Up is a game I’ve owned almost as long as I’ve been playing games. It was one of the first party games I picked up and subsequently never got to the table. The problem was I never felt like we had enough people to play. I’d listened to dozens of reviews and heard everyone say how much more fun it is with 6+ and they’d never play it with less. Well, here I am nearly a decade on and I’m telling you it’s just as much fun with 3!

We decided to play a shorter game so we only used 30 cards but that still gave us plenty to work with. Time’s Up Title Recall presents you with a deck of 400+ double ended cards. You can choose either the Blue or Yellow end for each game. 40 cards are dealt evenly between the players and then another 2 cards are dealt to each player. The players then look at and discard 2 cards from their hand, hopefully getting rid of some of the trickier cards.

Each card has the name of a song, or movie, or TV show etc. Once players have culled the deck the remaining 40 cards are shuffled together and the game begins. The game consists of 3 rounds broken up into 15 second turns. Players take turns with the deck trying to describe whatever title is on the card. They can say any words they like except the ones on the card. For example “Elliot finds an alien, Steven Spielberg movie” could be a clue for E.T The Extra Terrestrial.

The clue giver cannot pass and the guessers must keep guessing until they get it right or until time runs out. This continues until eventually all 40 cards will have been guessed correctly by the teams around the table. Each team tallies up their correct guesses and that's their score. Player recap the titles by reading them aloud before shuffling them back into a single deck for ro