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Painting Stuffed Fables: Crepitus

Updated: May 9, 2021

Welcome back to the final Painting Stuffed Fables article. Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to finishing this series, but we finally arrive at the evil Crepitus.

Throughout this paint job I do a lot of wet blending, which is a technique of placing down layers of paint, usually starting quiet dark and working up to a lighter highlight without allowing the previous coat to dry. By its nature you have to work quickly which makes it tricky to photograph. I've used this technique extensively across the Stuffed Fables models as they have large flat surfaces which are perfect to practice on. I use a Citadel Large Drybrush to do my blending as it has a large surface area allowing you to work quickly but also to blend very smoothly too.

To begin with I undercoated the model with some Army Painter Wolf Grey.

Next I began work on the wet blending on the robes. I began with P3 Grave Digger Denim and used P3 frostbite to mix in as a highlight until I was happy. To give the edges of the robes a bit more shadow I added in some P3 Greatcoat Grey to the mix.

Once I was happy with this I began adding more highlights to the ruffles especially around the belt area using a mix of frostbite and grave digger denim, specifically trying to pick out the top edges of everything.

After a lot more blending I was happy enough with the dark grey. Time to lay down some light grey (Yeah I know the last three pictures largely looked the same...). This time I'm picking out the waistcoat and I'm using P3 bastion grey which has a brown tint to it.

And once again, while it's wet I begin to mix in the frostbite.

Switching to a smaller brush I highlight the edges of the folds, adding in a little white to the mix. With a final highlight of almost pure white to really make the edges pop.

Next I laid down the base coat for the skin. I'm using P3 Thrall Flesh for this as I want Crepitus to have an unhealthy, unwholesome look to him.

Then using Greatcoat Grey I blacked in his eyes and his teeth and added some shadows around the collar, belt and waistcoat.

Using white I then picked out his eyes and teeth before starting on the flesh. For this I mixed Thrall Flesh with P3 Menoth White Highlight and picked out the detail. I also threw some black undercoat on the hair.

Next I added a second set of highlights, mixing in more Menoth White Highlight, really concentrating on picking out the nose and chin. I also picked out the belt in Bastion Grey and wet blended the hat with the same mix of greatcoat, grave digger denim and frostbite from before.

To finish off I drybrushed the hair with bastion grey and then washed it with a mix of Army Painter Dark Tone and Black. I threw some P3 Bloodtracker brown on his boots and some gold on his buckle. The hands were then drybrushed with Citadel Hexwraith Flame before being washed with more of the same deepening the colour around the fingers.

I finished the model's base using a wet blend of P3 Beaten Purple and using Frostbite to lighten it around the edges.

And there we have it. Stuffed Fables is now complete. Expansion???

Tune in next week for a look at some post apocalyptic terrain but until then, keep on painting...

The Duke


The Duke only just finished painting Jerry Hawethorne's Stuffed Fables but he's already getting excited about Jerry's next game... Aftermath!

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