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August Painting Update

Well, August turned out to be a bit of a grab bag of bits and pieces, although with a significant amount of Massive Darkness on the roster.

Mice and Mystics

We kick things off with the Downwood Tales expansion getting finished. The last two models were this mighty fine pair of Bullfroglodytes.

I was particularly happy with their mussel shell shields. And that closes out the Downwood Tales expansion and all of Mice and Mystics overall. I still have a few models for Tail Feathers to complete though before I'm entirely done.

Massive Darkness

Next I did a deep dive into Massive Darkness adding two models for each of the 5 expansion classes to my painted pile.

As well as Heroes I also managed to get some paint on the traps...

And I painted a new Wandering Monster in the form of Beelzebub, Lord of Moths.

And finally I managed to add to my mobs. To play with 4 players I needed 4 minis per mob so I set to work adding Gargoyles, Satyrs and Skeletons.

I also managed to put together some tutorials for these so we have the Gargoyles, Skeletons, and Satyrs.

Descent Journeys in the Dark

I finally got around to finishing a Descent mini that has been sat on my desk since March. This Naga leader has been patiently waiting for paint for over three months but I am pretty happy with it now I finally got around to it.

Marvel United

And closing out the month we have the beginnings of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse expansion for Marvel United. This is not going to be a quick one with each of the horsemen clocking in around 5.5 hours, so I'm spreading them out.

Here we have Apocalypse and War, but I do want to take some shots of them on more thematically appropriate terrain.

Total for the month ended up being 25 as I don't count terrain towards the total. Running total for the year then is 217, with Apocalypse himself being my milestone 200th. Next month is a scattergun of stuff from all over the place, so hopefully I'll see you back here soon for another update.

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


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