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May's Painting

Another month down and 2022 is slipping away a rate of knots. So what've I been painting this month? Well, I kicked things off with some more Marvel United.

Marvel United

Off the bat I finished up the Deadpool expansion, with Lady Deadpool and Challenge Deadpool riding a unicorn.

Very happy with how Marvel United is going so far, although it is a time sink and that's for sure. Next I moved on to Days of Future Past, I was about to hit 100 minis for Marvel United and I wanted that to be a sentinel.

For 98 & 99 I did Logan and Nimrod, both of which I've very pleased with and Nimrod didn't end up being the huge pain I thought he was going to be. The Sentinel on the other hand...

14 hours of work to complete... and there's three of them. This is the same one (pictured above) three times by the way, not three different ones! At 14 hours a piece I need to spread these out, if only to have other stuff to post on the blog!

Super Dungeon

To break up all that Marvel United chibi action I decided to paint some Super Dungeon Explore? I jumped in with Clan Tora, mostly because I figured this was the most straight forward of the clans I had left.

And for the most part I was right, although the Oni took around 6 hours to complete. I also threw in Byakko to bring me up to 99 painted for the year, making Deadpool on a Unicorn my 100th, which seemed like a cool milestone.

Zombicide 2nd Edition

For a quick break between other projects I broke out the zombies. A while back I picked up 20 mastiffs from Warlord Games to proxy in as zombie dogs. They are the perfect scale for Zombicide, although I don't think they are particularly good casts and they were pretty annoying to rebase, as they have integrated bases.

The Mummy on the other hand turned out better than expected. He got painted as he can appear randomly in a game through the search mechanic.

Zombicide Invader

While searching for my next project my eye fell on the CMON Comics promos for Invader. I've had these sat around for a while and I figured they would make a nice change of pace, without being too much trouble.

I managed to squeeze in 4 of the 6 survivors by the end of the month with the last two being completed in June.

My total for the month ended at 31, mostly due to the 15 dogs, I still have 5 to go. Next month I plan on painting another Sentinel, maybe both, but at 14 hours (or 4 days) each that would really hurt my overall total. I also plan to do at least one more clan for Super Dungeon and I have a repaint of an old classic on the docket. What else? I don't know, join me next month to find out!

The Duke


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2 comentarios

Johanes Yamakawa
Johanes Yamakawa
11 jun 2022

These are so good. I love the base on the challenge Deadpool. Great work.

Me gusta
Chris Bowler
Chris Bowler
11 jun 2022
Contestando a

Thank you, I'm very pleased with them.

Me gusta
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